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(New) Two clips featuring Wayne Cody interviewing Chip Hanauer (24 min 57 sec) and Milner Irvin (16 min. 12 sec) following the death of Bill Muncey in 1981. Special thanks to Patrick Gleason for providing these RealAudio files.

From an earlier version of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum website:

Allison - Real Audio format (107 kb)
Allison - WAV format (850 kb)
Rolls Griffon - Real Audio format (73 kb)
Rolls Griffon - WAV format (579 kb)
Rolls Merlin - Real Audio format (188 kb)
Rolls Merlin - WAV format (1497 kb)
U-5 - Real Audio format (80 kb)
U-5 - WAV format

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Here are some external links to sounds I've found at other websites.

From Russ's Hydroplane Page (Russ McElroy):

Bill Muncey comment WAV format (214 kb)
Mark Evans (finishing sixth) after 1997 Las Vegas Cup (147kb WAV file)
Mark Tate [1991 Gold Cup]

From the Gar Wood Society:

Sounds from a Gar Wood boat

From the Grand Prix Hydroplane website:

Hear the thunder of a Grand Prix Hydroplane (WAV file)

Also, please check out the audio files at the Unlimiteds Detroit website which include two piston clips and an interview with Walt Kade (1970) and 1974 interviews with Salt Walther, Dean Chenoweth and Billy Schumacher.

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*These clips are located on external websites. I am not the creator of the material. I am simply providing a link to the work of others.

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