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Wolff, 1908The spirited photograph which accompanies this item is that of the motor speed boat Wolff, of Portland, Ore., named after J. E. Wolff, of that city, who designed and built her. The Wolff is without doubt one of the fastest boats on the Pacific Coast. She is 34 feet 7 inches over all, 3 feet 8 inches beam on the waterline, and is equipped with an M6B Smalley motor of the of the same type as that which installed in the General, owned by Mr. Walker of Detroit. The hull is very light, weighing not more than 450 pounds. Wolff is owned by W. E. Lacey, and Mr. Lacey states that on July 4th he ran a twenty-mile race with the Aries II, owned by Louis Rosch, of the Motor Boat Club of Buffalo. Aries II is 35 feet over all, and her beam is about the same as that of the Wolff. She is equipped with a six-cylinder Sterling motor, 5 inches bore , 6 inches stroke. The course had three turns and Wolff's time was 44m. 16s. The race was very close and Aries finished only 59 seconds later. Her (Wolff's) owner states that she is capable of about 28 miles an hour, which speaks well for her designer and builder, and for her engine. Upon the day the Wolff was launched, she was run over a fifty-mile course at full speed, and it is stated that there were no signs of heating and that the motor never skipped a stroke during the performance.

(Transcribed from MotorBoat, Aug. 10, 1908, p. 45)

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