Arab III A 30-Miler [1909]

This boat is one of the fastest new racers of the year. She was designed by the Niagara Motor Boat Company, of North Tonawanda, N.Y., and was built in the shops of that company. She is 33 feet long, and the hull is planked with white pine, with decks and interior finish of African mahogany. She is equipped with a four-cylinder, 75-hp. Niagara motor.

Arab III won two important races held by the Buffalo Launch Club on July 17 and 31. Both of these were twenty-mile events, and in the second race Arab III covered the course in 41 minutes and 16 seconds, an average speed of 29.08 miles an hour. As the course included twenty turns, the performance of Arab III is equivalent to considerably better than thirty miles an hour over a straightaway course, and stamps Arab III as one of the fastest boats in the world considering her size and power. Arab III will be seen in all of the races held at Buffalo during the remainder of this season, and she will also compete in the Inter-Lake Yachting Association regattas.

Transcribed from MotorBoat, Sep. 10, 1909, p. 27

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