Dixie II (1910)

Dixie II has a New Owner

Dixie II Has a New Owner
Dixie II's Owner Speaks Right Out

Dixie II has been sold. Her new owner is F. K. Burnham, a member of the New York Motor Boat Club, an ardent motorboatist and a prominent figure in the automobile racing game. Mr. Burnham, it is said, will enter the racer in many events, among them the British International race, the Gold Challenge cup race, the regattas at Buffalo, Toledo and Peoria. We do not know what plans Mr. Schroeder, Dixie’s first owner, may have, but it is difficult to imagine that he will quit motorboat racing.

Anyway, we’ll have to study Mr. Burnham’s personality and his mannerisms. You know how we’ve all drawn pictures of the statuesque poses, the imperturbable manner and the inevitable cigar of E. J. Schroeder watching a race.

(Transcribed from MotorBoat, Mar. 10, 1910, p. 34)

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