Miss Canada IV under construction

Miss Canada IV

Miss Canada IV, 1949 Harmsworth Trophy

Miss Canada IV, 1949 Harmsworth Trophy

Miss Canada IV


CA-9 Miss Canada IV (Canada)

Owner Ernest Wilson
Designer Douglas Van Patten
Builder Greavette Boat Co.
Length 34 ft
Beam 10 ft 6 in.
Hull keel-knuckle step hydro
Colour Mahogany
Driver Harold Wilson [1949-50]

Miss Canada IV, Rolls Royce Griffon engine   Power Rolls-Royce Griffon
Miss Canada IV record run   B/F 3rd (Harmsworth)

Holder of North American speed record 138.6 mph.



B/F 4th (Harmsworth)

Miss Supertest [Photo: Ben Keller]


CA-9 Miss Supertest

Owner J. Gordon Thompson (Canada)
Power Rolls-Royce Merlin
Driver Bill Braden [1951-53]


Miss Supertest





B/F 7th (Silver Cup)

Miss Canada IV

Miss Canada IV after rebuild by Harold Mistele


CA-9 Miss Canada IV

Owners Joe Frauenheim & Harold Mistele

Miss Canada IV on her way to the Muskoka Museum


Owner Port Carling Museum, Port Carling, Ontario, Canada
Miss Canada IV at the Ingersoll Cheese Factory Museum

Ingersoll Cheese Factory Museum (home of Miss Canada IV)

Miss Canada IV [Photo: Derek Osborn]

Miss Canada IV [Photo: Derek Osborn]


Location Ingersoll Cheese Factory Museum, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada

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