Miss US II, Such Crust III (2), Miss Skyway; 1956 Seafair


U-20 Miss U.S. II ( USA )

Owner - George Simon (Detroit)
Designer Builder - Les Staudacher
Length - 30ft
Beam - 11ft 6in
Hull - 3 point
Detail - stripes added on deck, at mid-season
Colours - mahogany & white
Weight - 5,400
Power - V12 Allison
Drivers - Jack Bartlow, Joe Taggart, Doc Terry, & Don Wilson

Winner of Silver Cup at Detroit

Miss US II
Slo-mo-shun IV, Miss US II, Hawaii Kai III, Miss Seattle
Miss US II


Did not qualify for the Apple cup


Detail - rebuilt with drop sponsons
Colours - all blue green

Boat did not race

Miss Tool Crib, 1960 Seattle


U-5 Miss Tool Crib

Owner - Dave Johnson (Seattle)
Colours - red-orange & cream with red-orange tail fin
Driver - Del Fanning

B/F - 9th

Miss Tool Crib, 1960 Seattle


Driver - Billy Schumacher (1st ride)



Owner - Harold Schneider

Schneider purchased hull in 1962 from Johnson. Intended to rebuild. Boat laid along side of Jett's Marina.


Boat mounted on wall of Seattle Tavern; later put on roof of Warehouse Tavern



Pete Cary removed the junk for parts

See also Fred Farley's piece on Miss Tool Crib on the Hydro-Prop Website

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