Miss Skyway, 1956


U-7 Miss Skyway (US)

Owner - Lyle Parks (Seattle)
Designer - Frank Taylor or Norm Christiansen
Builder - Lyle Parks (Frank Taylor?)
Length - 25ft 9in (25ft 1in?)
Beam - 11ft 6in (9ft 6in?)
Hull - 3 point
Colour - mahogany
Weight - 2,700 lbs
Power - two Corvettes (Chevy V-8) belt drive
Driver - Frank Taylor


[Note: different sources list varying dimensions for this boat --LF]

Miss Skyway, 1956
Miss Skyway, 1956 [Kirk Pagel photo]
Miss Skyway, 1956 [Pat Dinning photo]

Miss Skyway
Photo: Alan McDonough

Sunnee, 1957


U-7 Sunnee

Colours - multi-colour pattern
Power - V12 Allison
Driver - Bob Gilliam DNQ

[no photo available]


U-7 Miss Question Mark

Boat did not race

Miss Round Table, 1958 Coeur d'Alene

U-7 Miss Round Table

Colours - multi-color with aqua blue at Diamond. Cup
Driver - Lyle Parks


Miss Sammamish, 1958 Seattle

U-7 Miss Sammamish

Colours - aqua. blue, white & red at Gold Cup
Driver - Norm Evans

Boat qualified then W/D

Miss Sammamish, 1958
Miss Sammamish
Miss Sammamish


Boat in barn

Miss Sammamish
Photo: Alan McDonough


Started to rebuild the hull -- Alan McDonough

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