Lou Fageol Tries New Speeder [1939]

West Coast interest in Gold Cup racing has reached a new high as the time draws near for the speed trials of Lou Fageol's guaranteed 105-mph Ventnor-built So Long II. Kept in complete secrecy since its arrival on the Pacific Coast and subjected to all possible shop tests, it is expected that the water trials will be held on Lake Elsinore around June 20, when the whole week will be devoted by Fageol to thoroughly trying out this new speedster.

The new boat, which was built to the exact specifications of the young speed driver, is 23 feet long with a 10-foot 8-inch beam, is of the 3-point suspension hydroplane type, an outstanding feature of Ventnor boats. and weighs 2400 pounds. The craft is beautifully finished in mahogany over maple frames.

The power plant is also of special design by Fageol, worked out in cooperation with his racing mechanic, Joe Lucas, and his shop designer, John Garvey. The engine has a top output of 600 hp at 3800 rpm, 525 hp at 3500 rpm and is guaranteed to do 105 mph with an output of 450 hp.

Speedboat racing has come a long way since 1908, when Chip III, holder of the cup at a speed of 38.8 mph, failed to defend. From that date on has seen a steady increase in speed and constant refinement in boat lines of contenders for top honors in this speedboat classic.

Racing drivers and fans will be centering close attention on Lake Elsinore when Fageol puts this new speedburner through her paces in preparation for the season's racing activity.

(Reprinted from Pacific Motor Boat, July 1939, p.50)

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