Tech Jr.
A National and World Champion Of 1915
The First "One Mile a Minute" Race Boat in the World

The world-famous Tech, Jr. was designed by Adolph E. Apel and built by the Ventnor Boat Works for T. Coleman DuPont. An official competitive speed record of 54.54 miles per hour was made under the auspices of the Motor Boat Club of America and the National Association of Engine and Boat Manufacturers at Manhasset Bay, Long Island, New York, on August 18th. 1915.

This boat won the World's Championship Speedboat Trophy and established an official speed of 60.3 miles per hour over the Government measured mile on the Delaware River at Wilmington, Delaware. The powerplant was an eight-cylinder 225 horse power Sterling engine weighing over 1800 pounds.

Please note on the picture [not available at this time --LF] that this boat rode on one forward plane and four side stabilizer surfaces with the result that the boat rode on five suspension points. This theory was pioneered and developed by Mr. Apel nearly twenty-five years ago and was the rudimental basis from which our patented three-point suspension planing surface theory has been developed and incorporated in our present race boats.

(1939 Ventnor brochure)

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