Thumbnail of This is Hydroplaning (Lowney) (6780 bytes)This is Hydroplaning by Paul Lowney

1959 Paul B. Lowney

Edited and published by Paul B. Lowney, 1959.

Photo Credits: Bob Carver, Forde Photographers, Josef Scalea, Ross Hall, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, John Vallentyne, Seattle Times, Vic Candiotty, Larry Dion, Wide World Photos, A.P. Wirephoto, International News Photos, United Press International Photo, Detroit News, Buffalo Courier-Express, Courier-Journal and Louisville Times, KING-TV, Las Vegas News Bureau, Joann Bower, Bill Espe for Associated Grocers Inc., Chris Minerich, Jim Vincent, Roger Dudley, Socony Mobil Co., Tommy Hill, Stratton Photo, Madison Regatta Inc., Towne Studio

[NOTE: Long out of print this book occasionally turns up at hydro swap meets or on eBay. It often sells for $100 or more. A word of caution, however. Impressive though the images are (many were taken by the master himself, Bob Carver), the text leaves a lot to be desired. It is rife with factual errors and you should take any history or statistics with a grain of salt. Be that as it may, I wouldn't part with my copy for any amount of money. --LF]

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