1903 Racing Season Summary

A Synopsis of the 1903 Power Boat Racing Season

The Roster of Winners
Boat Owner Driver Designer Builder Length Power
ADIOS H. J. Leighton Leighton Leighton Leighton 55.02' 108.16 hp Leighton
AEOLUS Richard H. Gillespie Gillespie        
ALLURE Alexander Stein Stein Colven & Bickman M.C. & D.D. Co. 61' 54.78 hp Craig
CLARA F. D. Hughes Hughes     32.9' 11.31 hp Standard
COMPTON H. Compton Compton     23' 4 hp
CONSTANT R. P. Hart Hart     18.4' 2.4 hp electric
DICK R. Goldfinger Goldfinger        
EXPRESS C.D. Mower Mower Mower Milton POint Shipyard 27' 12.63 hp Buffalo
FREAK Green Green        
GAZELLE W. G. McCrea McCrea     54' 34.62 hp Empire
IRENE Mitchell Mitchell        
KATHERINE William F. Gillespie Gillespie        
LUTUHEZI W. Luttgen Luttgen     32.6' 7.28 hp electric
MERLE Elmer Lach Lach Jones & La Borde Jones & La Borde 40' 12 hp Fermatt & Monahan
NAPIER Selwin F. Edge Edge Linton Hope Edge 39' 11" 75 hp Napier
NEPHTUS H.R. Sutphen Sutphen     19.2' 2.15 hp electric
QUEEN BESS Richard Stearns Stearns M.C. & D.D. Co. M.C. & D.D. Co. 62.5' 25.6 hp Standard
SCOLOPENDRA John Thornycroft Thornycroft Thornycroft Thornycroft 30' 20 hp Thornycroft
SENTA F.G. Mead Mead R.M. Haddock M.C. & D.D. Co. 60.6' 110 hp Standard
STANDARD C. C. & E. A. Riotte Riotte Bros. Lewis Nixon N. Whittlesey    
TAURUS J. H. Hanan Hanan        
VITESSE Walter L. Bradley Bradley        


June 6 Corinthian YC Regatta Stamford, Ct. Aux. Power Yachts VITESSE 3.855 St. Elmo Mizpah
26' Launches AEOLUS 4.545 Palmer Wasp
21' Launches DICK 3.934 May S  
17' Launches KATHERINE 6.976 Bateau  
June 20 Columbia YC Regatta New York City 40' Class (C) QUEEN BESS 8.732 Senta Chic
32' Class (D) LUTUHEZI 6.760 Gertrude  
26' Class (K) TAURUS 7.093 Privateer Sagamore
21' Class (L) CONSTANT 5.633 Nephtus Carmen
June 27 Columbia YC Regatta New York City 50' Class (B) GAZELLE 8.804 Witoco  
July 12 Queenstown, Ireland
Harmsworth Trophy
International launches NAPIER 22.333 Scolopendra Durandel
" Yachtsmen's Cup " International Launches SCOLOPENDRA 16.316 Durandel Napier
" Yachtsmen's Launch Handicap " Open launches COMPTON 9.772 Bowlby Nicholson
Aug 2 Raritan YC Regatta Perth Amboy, NJ Class B Launches FREAK 5.945 Wink No. 4
Class A Launches IRENE 8.520    
Aug 13 Atlantic YC Regatta
Sea Gate NY
Class A ALLURE 13.467 Jack Duffiane
Class C QUEEN BESS 9.859 Chic  
Class H STANDARD 17.905    
Class I EXPRESS 12.608 Reamer  
Class K CORONA 6.464 Kotick  
Aug 29 Brooklyn YC Regatta Gravesend Bay Auto Boats ADIOS 20.655 Standard  
Class B DELILAH 10.527    
Class C QUEEN BESS 9.545 Clara Melisa
Sep 5 American YC Regatta Milton Point, NY Class B ALLURE 13.513 Aleter II Howdy
Class C QUEEN BESS 9.268 Clara Onaway
Class H STANDARD 17.740    
Class I EXPRESS 17.625    
Class K AMERICAN no time    
Sep 12 Knickerbocker YC Autoboats STANDARD 19.695 Allure  
Date unknown Chippewa YC Regatta
Chippewa Bay NY
St. Lawrence River
Autoboats CARMENCITA 18.342 Overbrook Pink

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