1904 Racing Season Summary
A Synopsis of the 1904 Power Boat Racing Season

The Roster of Winners

ADIOS S.H. Vandergrift 55.02' 108.16 hp
ALLURE Alexander Stein 58.9 hp Craig
ARDIS R. M. Haddock 10.8 hp Buffalo
ESGEKA H. Kuhler
EXPRESS George T. Wilson
FIAT I Hollander & Tangeman C. H. Tangeman Henry R. Sutphen Electric Launch Co. 35' 35.12 hp Fiat
FIAT No.2 Hollander & Tangeman C. H. Tangeman 22.88' 37.15 hp Fiat
JAPANSKY F. H. Waldorf H. W. Patterson, C. L. Mayor Charles L. Seabury Gas Engine & Power Co. 38' 11" 40.99 hp Speedway
LA RAPE'E III 26.18' 35 hp Panhard et Levasor
MERCEDES VI W. K. Vanderbilt Jr. Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Robert Jacobs
MISS SWIFT Robert Jacob 26.09 hp Buffalo
NADA C. A. Godshalk 3.03 hp Giant
NEON Nat Herreshoff Herreshoff Herreshoff Herreshoff
ONONTIO Harrison B. Moore Henry R. Sutphen, H. H. Rease, James A. Craig, Harrison B. Moore Henry J. Gielow Henry R. Sutphen 60' 175 hp Craig
QUEEN J. J. Amory
QUEEN BESS R. H. Stearns 27.14 Standard
SAN TOY II W. H. Barrow
STANDARD C.C. & E. A. Riotte Riotte Brothers Lewis Nixon N. Whittlesey 58' 10" 110 hp Standard
SUIS MOI G M. Plympton
TOO EASY Willis S. Kilmer Kilmer
TREFLE-A-QUATRE Seyler Seyler 33' 60 hp Richard-Brasier
VINGT-et-UN II Smith & Mabley, Willis S. Kilmer aft July Edward Franquist C. M. Hamilton Clinton H. Crane Smith & Mabley 38' 9" 59.7 hp Simplex
X.P.D.N.C. Frank Croker Croker Nat Herreshoff Herreshoff 44' 47.6 hp Mercedes


Regatta Winners
Date Race Site Class Winner Avg. Speed (statute mph) 2nd 3rd
Apr. 5 150 Kilometer Monte Carlo 8 meter/7.5 liter Class LA RAPE'E III 20.671 Princess Elizabeth
200 Kilometer TREFLE-a-QUATRE 23.5
May 30 Manhasset Bay YC Reg Manhasset Bay NY 80' Class (R)  JAPANSKY 20.25
70' Class (S) FIAT No.2 18.347 Panhard
Class A ALLURE 21.681
Open Boats Class H MISS SWIFT 14.968
Class I ARDIS 12.1 Flash Javelin
Class C QUEEN BESS 9.864
Class K NADA 10.481 999
June 11 Columbia YC Regatta New York City Class C & D QUEEN BESS 10.812 Regina Alert
Class H, I, J SAN TOY II 11.876 Ardis
Class K & L NADA 9.110
Class Q & R STANDARD 21.778 Japansky
Class S, T, U FIAT I 17.805 Shooting Star Hard Boiled Egg
Jun 23-25 APBA Gold Cup New York City Autoboats STANDARD 23.160 Water Lily Fiat I
Jun 27-28 Larchmont Gold Cup Larchmont Harbor NY Autoboats VINGT-et-UN II 19.743 Fiat III
July 2 American YC Regatta Milton Point NY Class C SUIS MOI 10.107 Queen Bess
July 4 Indian Harbor YC Reg Greenwich Ct Cabin Boats SUIS MOI 14.138 Queen Bess Allura
Autoboats VINGT-et-UN II 15.519
Open Launches SCOOTER 6.903 Lucia
July 9 Seawanhaka-Corinthian YC Reg Oyster Bay NY Class R VINGT-et-UN II 21.539
Class H QUEEN 14.952
Class C QUEEN BESS 9.530
July 16 Atlantic YC Regatta Sea Gate NY Class K NADA 9.662 Launch 1
Class R VINGT-et-UN II 19.090
Class B NOKOMIS 11.288
July 23 Manhasset Bay YC Reg Port Jefferson NY Class J ARDIS 12.081 Dolphin
Class C EXPRESS 14.129 Suis Moi Midge
Class H MISS SWIFT 15.048
July 31 Harmsworth Trophy Ryde, Isle of Wight International Launches TREFLE-a-QUATRE 21.742 Napier Minor Napier II
Aug 18 Naragansett Bay Regatta Newport RI Autoboats VINGT-et-UN II 25.640 Swift Sure Mercedes
Small Launches NEON 15.941 Wayfarer
Aug 20 Astoria Regatta Astoria Or Gasoline Launches ALEXANDER Louisa
Aug 27 Gasoline Launches HATTIE Helen
Frontenac MBRA Regatta Frontenac NY Autoboats ADIOS 19.970 Pricilla
Powerboat Handicap TOO EASY Pricilla
Sep 18 Knickerbocker YC Reg Port Washington NY Open Launches ESGEKA 8.241 Effie Dike
Canopy Top Launches DOLPHIN 7.440 Brunhilde Allena
Autoboats MERCEDES VI 22.057 Catch Me
Sep 22-24 APBA Gold Cup New York City Autoboats VINGT-et-UN II 24.900 Speedway Mercedes USA
Oct 29 Hudson River NYC-Poughkeepsie-NYC Autoboats X.P.D.N.C. 26.208 Vingt-et-Un II
Hudson River Mile New York City Autoboats ONONTIO 28.42

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