The Beginnings of the M.V.P.B.A. [1908]

The Mississippi River Power Boat Association

In response to a call from the Muscatine Launch Club and as a result of some earnest united effort on the part of a few enthusiastic workers in that organization, delegated from clubs on the "Father of waters" assembled at Muscatine, Ia., and formed the Mississippi River Power Boat Association. The date of birth is Jan. 21, 1908.

About a dozen clubs on the river from Clinton to St. Louis were represented and in addition such towns as Moline and others who have not yet perfected local clubs entered heartily into the work of organization, promising to support the project individually and otherwise. It will be only a short time before the actual number of clubs in this section will be doubled as the club bee is buzzing everywhere.

The delegated adopted a constitution and by-laws and proceeded to elect the following officers and committees: President, A. C. Adams, Muscatine; vice-president, R. H. Combs, St. Louis; second vice-president, E. Corsipius, Ft. Madison; secretary, C. P. Hanley, of Muscatine; treasurer, W. H. Gosch, of Davenport. Delegates appointed were: R. C. Lutz, Burlington; A. C. Decker, Keokuk; Dr. Dixon, Burlington. The following committees were appointed: Credentials, L. C. Lenck, Muscatine; E. Corsipius, Ft. Madison; R. G. Webb. of St, Louis. Permanent organization, Major M. Meigs, Keokuk; Charles P. Hanley, Muscatine; George Swaine, St. Louis. Constitution, A. C. Decker, Keokuk; A. C. Adams, Muscatine; R. H. Combs, St. Louis.

A committee on racing rules was appointed which will meet some time before the convention and formulate a series of rules for the use of the association. The committee was composed of R. H. Combs, of St. Louis; George Shaddo, of Keokuk; Dr. Dixon, of Burlington, and Archie C. Adams, of Muscatine

A committee was also appointed to look up the government rules applying to engineers. Major Meigs, of Keokuk, and A. C. Decker, of Ft. Madison, being in charge.

Resolutions, as follows, were adopted:

The mayor and city council of Davenport were commended for the stand taken in their efforts to make the Des Moines River a navigable stream.

Congressman Lorimer and Ralph Burton were also commended in the stand they have take in the upper river improvement.

It was decided to hold the next convention at St. Louis, June 18, and the first annual regatta at Muscatine, on July 4.

Following the business meeting a banquet was tendered the visiting power boat men by the Muscatine Launch Club at the Commercial hotel. Speeches were made by prominent visitors. Among these were Major Meigs, of Keokuk; R. H. Combs, of St. Louis; Dr. Dixon, of Burlington, and President Adams.

Following the banquet all hands repaired to the opera house and there witnessed the production of the evening, "The Man of the Hour." The boxes were draped with the flags of the Muscatine Launch Club and various other Emblems known to the nautical world.

(Transcribed from Power Boating, April, 1908, p. 141.)

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