APBA Changes for 1910

New Officers of the American Power Boat Association

The affairs of the American Power Boat Association during this coming year will be directed by former Commodore H. T. Koerner, of the Motor Boat Club, of Buffalo. Mr. Koerner was elected president of the Association at the annual meeting held at the Waldorf-Astoria on the evening of Thursday, February 24th. His associates on the governing board elected at the same meeting are: Secretary, Morris M. Whitaker, representing the Crescent Yacht Club, of Watertown, N.Y.; treasurer, J. Norris Oliphant, of the Thousand islands Yacht Club; measurer, H. J. Gielow, Atlantic Yacht Club. These are all of the elective officers of the Association as at present constituted. Other members of the executive council are the presidents or executives of local or branch associations, when organized. There was some discussion as regards measurement and rating rules, and the new president was requested to appoint a committee of three to consider whether any amendments are necessary, and to report at a special meeting of the Association. The new president was also requested to appoint a committee to consider the advisability of revising the conditions under which the races for the thousand dollar gold championship cup are held. About twenty clubs were represented at the meeting, among them being the American, Bergen beach, Colonial, Hartford, Holly Beach and Thousand Islands Yacht Clubs, the Motor Boat Club of America, New York Motor Boat Club, Illinois valley Yacht Club, St. Louis Power Boat Association and the New York Athletic Club.

(Transcribed from MotorBoat, Mar. 10, 1910, p. 34)

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