Hawaii Kai Sets Record [1957]

Hawaii Kai III - The Gold Cup Champion - Record Run
Hawaii Kai Sets Record

Hawaii Kai, on Nov. 29, ended the 28-day Canadian tenure of the world's straightaway record for propeller-driven boats by averaging 194.649 m.p.h. over a kilometer course on Seattle's Lake Washington. This adds a shade over ten miles an hour to the record set earlier in the month by Jim Thompson's Miss Supertest II.

In returning the world mark to the U.S. the Kai rounded out a season which included capturing high point honors for her class and winning the unlimited hydro selection of Yachting's All-American Racing team. She was campaigned by the former Slo-mo-shun crew and driven by Jack Regas.

The course, near the Sand Point Naval Air Station, was laid out with kilometer timing posts superimposed on the mile lay-out. On his first pass, Regas had difficulty finding the markers and entered the mile slowly. Squared away before reaching the kilometer, he traversed the shorter course at 199.7261 His return trip over the metric distance was at 189.571. The coincident average for the mile was 183.350. Next day he averaged 187.627 on the mile.

(Reprinted from Yachting, January 1958, p.374)

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