More Power to You - Art Asbury

Art Asbury in Brief
Art Asbury's Own Story on Driving at Speed Over Water of 184 mph
Miss Supertest World's Fastest . . .
More Power to You by Mel Crook

When Art Asbury drove Jim Thompson's Miss Supertest II to a world record for propeller-driven boats on Nov. 1 he left many of us both astonished and surprised. His mark of 184 plus. m.p.h. astonished us because the boat in competition gives no impression of such a speed capability.

The surprise is explained by the following words of Col. J. Gordon Thompson, father of the owner. "On arrival in Picton we encountered a week of poor weather and were just about ready to pack up for home. Then the sun shone on Thursday, the 31st, arid we had some satisfactory running in the morning and at noon that day we decided ‘now or never’ and arrangements were teed up for the following morning. I am sorry it was impossible to advise you, or anyone, in advance."

(Reprinted from "More Power to You" by Mel Crook, Yachting, January 1958, p.278)

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