1969 Pride of Pay 'n Pak

Pride of Pay-N-Pak

It's Speed
Pride of Pay 'n Pak
New Hydro Will Try for World Record
Record Run Doesn't Pay Off

Dave Heerensperger's revolutionary new hydroplane (SEA, April p.122) has had a change of name, but her objective of breaking the world water speed record of 200.419.5 mph for a propeller-driven racer over a measured mile remains the same. Originally called Miss Eagle Electric as a sentimental link with Heerensperger's previous hydro, she is now officially named Pride of Pay-N-Pak after the 22-store group headed by Heerensperger. But she will still carry the Eagle's colors, number and fighting spirit.

Pay-N-Pak was scheduled to make her assault on the speed record at Lake Guntersville, Ala. May 19-24. The existing record was set in 1962 by Roy Duby, driving George Simon's Miss U.S. on the same lake.

Her unconventional design features outrigger sponsons jutting out from the main hull structure. At racing speeds, only these devices and the bottom blade of the propeller touch the water. Her engine is a Rolls Royce Merlin V-1620. Her propeller, designed by crew chief Jack Cochrane and propeller expert Joe Mascari, is almost its revolutionary as her hull design. The design provides for much more blade surface than conventional propellers, with it corresponding increase in thrust potential and speed.

Her driver, Tommy Fults, 1968 APBA unlimited Hydroplane rookie-of-the-year, described the boat its "fabulous". He said, " I don't seem to bog down in the turns with this boat. It hits a turn hot, sets up easy and moves around fast, all with it great feeling of ease and security."

Heerensperger summed up Pay-N-Pak this way: "We feel we have achieved the goal of all unlimited racers — speed with stability and safety."

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, July 1969, p.31)

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