APBA Formation [1903]

A Power-Boat Association

The representatives of many yacht clubs met at the Columbia Y.C. House in New York City, on February 24, and an interesting convention was held, which resulted in the formation of a promising association, with the object of promoting power-boating in all its branches. The organization is to be known as the American Power-Boat Association.

Rules and articles of government were adopted, and it will be interesting to note how they will work out in practice, which, of course, is the only way to test them and prove their value. The new rules, time-allowance and classification are somewhat intricate, but a few races will have the tendency to modify them and bring things down to a practical basis, so I will not discourage their use, but will wait with the rest, to see hoe they turn out, before expressing an opinion. I call the attention of all yacht clubs to the following by-law, to encourage them to take an interest in the association. It reads as follows:

"Any recognized yacht club in America having a regular membership of fifty or more is eligible for representation. One representative for each hundred, or fraction of one hundred, members is allowed for each club, although the limit of representation is fixed at five. An Executive Committee will govern the affairs of the association. The annual meeting must be in New York, during the month of February, and a general meeting of the association in October is provided for. The annual dues are $3 for each representative, payable by the represented club."

We heartily wish the American Power-Boat Association all success, and will keep you posted as to its doings from time to time.

(Transcribed from The Rudder, March, 1903, pp.201-202. )

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