APBA Meets in Las Vegas [long, long ago]
By Don Wood

Aftermaths of the Gold Cup race and action leading to better safety requirements for racing drivers were the main items of business at the APBA Council meeting. Held at Las Vegas, Nevada, in October, with Senior Vice President C. King Brugman of Los Angeles at the helm, the meeting had a large attendance of interested participants. This was the first such meeting held west of Chicago in over 45 years.

The Council went on record as approving the action of the Detroit Gold Cup committee in not postponing the races, on the grounds that the committee has power to postpone races only when there is a question of safety to either contestants or spectators. There had been no protest raised at the time of the race that the going was such that the lives of the drivers would be endangered.

The high speed of present-day racing craft, especially in the inboard classes, in addition to racing accidents such as the one which resulted in the death of Pop Cooper, has brought about the establishment of two separate groups (one to meet in Cincinnati, the other at Salton Sea) of qualified drivers who will meet to discuss any possible safety measures that might be taken to safeguard contestants. The results of the findings of these groups will be submitted for discussion and vote at the annual meeting of the APBA in New York in January.

(reprinted from Yachting, 1948)

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