Lozier Stops a Rumor [1906]

Lozier Company Announcement

It has been rumored in yachting circles that the Lozier Motor Company are preparing to discontinue the manufacture of power boats and marine engines. This rumor undoubtedly has its origin from the fact that The Lozier Motor Company have taken a prominent position in the manufacture of automobiles. The rumor has been so persistent that the Lozier Motor Boat Company have deemed it wise to make a positive denial.

The manufacture of Lozier marine engines was commenced by the Lozier Motor Company in 1898, and manufacture of complete launches two years later. Their business has grown to large proportions not only in this country, but all over the world, and they have built up a reputation and a trade that has been steadily increased since its inception, and they state that at no time has the question of discontinuing this part of the business been considered, in fact the Lozier line of marine engines for 1907 will be the largest and most complete since the Lozier engines were first built. In addition to the present line of single cylinder, two-stroke engines, which will be made with both jump-spark and make-and-break ignition, the 1907 line will embrace the same type of multiple cylinder, four-stroke engines which the company have been making for the past five years for yachts, working boats and auxiliary purposes, an entirely new line of light weight, multiple cylinder, four-stroke engines will be added.

The Lozier Motor Company again desire to repeat an announcement made about a year ago regarding a change in policy of the building of launches. Until January 1, 1906, boats and launches were built by the company in all sizes from 16 to 110 feet. As the manufacture of engines has always been a specialty of the company rather then the building of yachts, they decided to discontinue the building of boats above 30 feet in length owing to the fact that the building of large boats placed the company in direct competition with other builders who are marine engine customers of the company. Lozier hulls and launches will therefore, as during the past year, be built by them only in sizes up to 30 feet. in boats above that size the company will solicit patronage of builders who recommend installing Lozier engines and will confine their efforts to the sale of power for larger boats. The Lozier stock launches for 1907 will embrace models of the following sizes -- 20, 26 and 30 ft.

(Transcribed from Power Boat News, Aug. 18, 1906, p. 455. )

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