Jack Ramsey
By David Greene

Jack Ramsey became interested in hydroplane racing through his association with Ted Jones at Boeing. As a result, he was picked as the crew chief of the Rebel Suh in 1955. Ramsey moved over to the crew chief spot on the Shanty I in 1956, which won three of seven races and a High Faint Championship that year. The highlight was a win in the Harmsworth Trophy. In 1957, Ramsey came back to the Thriftway team as crew chief and won the Gold Cup, which could make an entire season for a team in that are of Unlimited Racing. Jack's next triumph was a new mile straightaway record of 192 m.p,h, for the Thriftway team in 1960, Miss Thriftway experienced continued success that year in winning four of eight races for a National Championship. This was the first of three such titles as the now Miss Century 21 took four of six races in 1961, including a Gold Cup,

1962 was a devastating year for the rest of the fleet as the Miss Century 21 nearly swept the season taking five of six races, including a second consecutive Gold Cup, During this period, the Thriftway/Century 21 made a very impressive record in finishing 55 consecutive heats over three years. This record stood until 1965 when the Miss Bardahl of Leo Van den Berg broke the record with 57 consecutive finishes, which was extended to 56 in 1966.

Jack Ramsey became the all-time crew chief in 1961 when he scored his 13th victory. Mike Welsch had been the previous leader with 12. Ramsey's 19 victories stood up until 1971, when George McKernan passed him with 21 victories. Jack's last victory came in the 1963 Diamond Cup. Thereafter, Jack Ramsay served as an advisor on various boats driven by Bill Muncey, including the Notre Dame and the Miss U.S.

(Reprinted from the Unlimited NewsJournal, March 1985)

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