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Cobb Holds New Jet Boat To 100 M.P.H. in Tryout
By the Associated Press

Cobb Holds New Jet boat to 100 MPH in Tryout
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Attempt at a Record]

INVERNESS, Scotland, Sept. 3 [1952] -- John Cobb, the Englishman who holds the world automobile speed record today tried out the boat in which he hopes to better the world water speed mark. The present speedboat record, 178.4 miles an hour, is held by Stanley Sayres of Seattle.

It was the first time that Cobb, had tried his craft, the Crusader, and the and the speed was held to 100 miles an hour. He is confident that the silver and scarlet, jet-propelled craft can do 200.

After the trial the boat was towed to shore and completely examined. Tomorrow, if weather conditions permit, Cobb will send the Crusader through another workout, stepping up the speed. Then he will decide when and if he will make a run for the record.

(Reprinted from the Associated Press, September 3, 1952)

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