Mickey Remund

Mickey Remund
By David Greene

Mickey Remund got his start in Unlimited Racing in 1970 in a low budget entry [Miss Vanís P-X (1)]. After spending two years with this camp, he was asked to drive Dave Heerensperger's new Pay 'n Pak in 1973. The result was four victories and a High Point Championship. Remund moved to the rough riding Lincoln Thrift in 1974 before becoming Budweiser driver in 1975. Mickey won two victories on the 1975 circuit with a hull that had many miles on it. Remund retired briefly after 1975, but then returned when Howie Benns injured himself in the 1976 Gold Cup. Mickey Remund had the fastest boat on the circuit and won the 1976 Seafair Trophy. In 1977, Remund won his second National High Point championship with a hull that was a design generation behind the Atlas Van Lines. Mickey was able to do this by finishing 100% of his heats that year in winning three races. It is interesting that he was able to win National Championships in two of the three years that he had a real shot at the title. After spending the next six years in retirement, Remund returned in 1984 to give the Squire team its annual win, in the Syracuse race.

(Reprinted from the Unlimited NewsJournal, March 1985)

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