1904 APBA Gold Cup [first running]
Hudson River, New York City NY, June 23-25, 1904

Gold Challenge Cup Protest Finding
Live Auto Boat Gossip
Only One Entry From This Side in Harmsworth Race

First Running of the APBA Gold Challenge Cup
New Auto Boat Record
Arrow Races the Standard
Standard Wins the Cup
Standard Wins Challenge Cup
Standard is Protested
Gold Challenge Cup Protest Finding
Auto Boat Cup Race

Only one auto boat will be sent to England by Smith & Mabley to compete in the Harmsworth race on July 30. The competing boat which will represent America will be the Challenger, the 150 horse power boat which was injured by striking a log in the Hudson River last week. The Challenger has been entirely repaired, and will probably be seen today in the auto boat races at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club, near Greenwich, Conn.

The new Vingt-et-Un, which has been entered for the Harmsworth Cup, but which will not be sent abroad, will probably be in shape for auto boat races toward the end of this week. Her bow was badly bent and broken in Saturday's accident with the Water Lily at the American Yacht Club, and she is now being repaired new New Rochelle.

The fast auto boat which created the world's record in the Monte Carlo races last Spring will be brought to America in the Fall, and will compete in the auto boat races now being arranged for Ormonde, Fla., in November. The boat is fitted with a sixty-horse power Richard-Brasier engine, of the same make as the motor in the machine that lately won the Gordon Bennett automobile race. This boat did a trifle over twenty-five statute miles an hour, running 112 miles consecutively. It is the best record done thus far by an automobile boat. The hull is but 33 feet long, which renders her record all the more noteworthy

The protest made by Frank Seaman, owner of the Water Lily, against the Standard, in the Challenge Cup races held under the auspices of the American Power Boat Association, has been adjusted by the committee. Mr. Seaman claimed that the Standard was not allowing sufficient time, and called for a remeasurement. The Standard has been remeasured, and the figures made practically no change whatever, either in her rating or in the records that the Standard made in the races at the Columbia Yacht Club. The Challenge Cup, therefore has been awarded to C. C. Riotte, owner of the Standard.

In all probability, there will be another series of races for the Challenge Cup early in September, perhaps starting on Labor day. Many new boats will be in readiness for racing at that time, and, in view of the few starters in the recent contest, there is a strong desire on the part of motor boat owners, as well as the Challenge Cup Committee of the American Power Boat Association, to hold a set of three races that will attract general attention and be thoroughly worthy of a Challenge Cup competition.

W.K. Vanderbilt Jr.'s Hard Boiled Egg has been slightly overhauled during the last few days, and it is believed she is now capable of making better time than at any previous time this season. She is expected to start today in the races at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club.

(Transcribed from the New York Times, July 3, 1904, P. 11 )

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