1904 APBA Gold Cup [second running]
North River, New York City, NY, September 22-24, 1904

Macaroni Will Race Again
Damaged Autoboat Being Repaired and Will Go to Ormond

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Boat Burns in Race
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Macaroni Will Race Again

C. H. Tangemen said yesterday that the autoboat Macaroni, which caught fire in the Hudson River Saturday during the final race for the Challenge Cup, was not damaged as badly as had been at first reported. The boat is now moored at the docks of the Ardsley Club and repairs will be made at once to put the craft in racing condition. Mr. Tangeman says that on careful examination of the boat's engines it was discovered that the exhaust pipe broke and the gasoline, catching fire, filled the middle of the boat with flames at once. After William Wallace, who was running the boat, and his engineer were taken from the burning boat, it was towed to the Ardsley Club and the fire extinguished. The hull of the boat is practically uninjured. The cockpit itself is badly charred and the adjoining woodwork scorched. By the end of the week, Mr. Tangeman says, the boat will probably be ready for use again.

(Transcribed from the New York Times, Sep. 27, 1904 )

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