1905 Harmsworth Plans

Auto Boats Entered For International Cup

W. Gould Brokaw And E. R. Thomas Will Try For Trophy

Race In French Waters

Fastest Foreign Craft Will Compete For The Sir Alfred Harmsworth Prize On Sept. 11

America will be represented in the international motor boat race this year in France by at least two fast boats. The entries have just been made through the Automobile Club of America by Smith & Mabley, the builders of the boats, and Secretary S. M. Butler has sent the entries with the fees to the committee in london. The entries close on July 1, and it is not expected that there will be any additions to the number. The race will be held in the Bay of Arachon, France, Sept. 11.

One of these boats is the Challenger, now owned by W. Gould Brokaw, and which was the only American representative last year when the race was held in English waters. The second boat is practically a duplicate of the Challenger and is owned by E. R. Thomas. Both boats are of 150 horse power, a trifle under 40 feet long and equipped with eight-cylinder engines. The Challenger is well known, as she competed in a number of events last season, but only got into good racing shape last Winter in Florida, when she made a record of a mile in two minutes on the lake near Palm beach. The record has been questioned, but the Challenger has been greatly improved since she went to England, and her showing thus far in the recent power boat races has been very satisfactory. her best long distance record is a trifle over twenty-six miles an hour.

In the construction of Mr. Thomas's boat several improvements have been made. It has been built with a view of going thirty miles an hour. One or two preliminary trials have been held, but the true speed of the boat has not been definitely ascertained, and it probably will not be thoroughly tested until the official trials are made under the auspices of the Automobile Club of America, which will be held after July 1. The hulls of both boats have been designed by Clinton H. Crane.

(Transcribed from the New York Times, June 21, 1905. )

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