1905 Palm Beach Regatta Plans

Fast Motor Boats to Race in Florida

Endurance Run to Cuba Will Close Palm Beach Carnival

Sport Begins in February

Events Arranged in All Classes and Reliability of the Power Boats Will Be Severely Tested

Fast Motor Boats to Race in Florida
Palm Beach Motor Boat Carnival

Races for all classes of motor boats have been arrange by the mangers of the motor-boat carnival to be held at Palm Beach during the opening week of February. The high-powered boat, popularly known as the autoboat, and which virtually monopolized all the sporting attention in local waters last season, has been the object of no particular consideration, but while the ability to attain high speed will, of course, be watched with general interest. it is quite safe to say that fully as much interest will be centered upon the contests for smaller powered boats and the endurance races that, very wisely, have been placed upon the program

There will be two endurance competitions. The first will be on Feb. 3, the boats to be marked on speed, reliability, and facility of operation. The exact distance has not yet been determined, but will be announced at an early date. The other endurance run will be a more serious contest, being nothing less than a run to Miami, Key West, and then across to Cuba, with the harbor of Havana as the destination. If a number of the boats make this trip, it will be the most notable motor boat run held in this country. A series of motor-boat races are to be held in Havana Harbor immediately after the Palm Beach events, and arrangements have been made to ship to Cuba most of the fast boats that go to Florida for the races.

The longest race at Palm Beach for the autoboats will be a twenty-mile event on Feb. 2. This will be held under the auspices of the American Power Boat Association, and a $500 silver cup has been offered as first prize. On the fist day, Feb. 1, the autoboats will have a four-mile race, and later one of eight miles. Special events have been arranged for pleasure boats going less than 12 miles an hour, for sailing boats and auxiliaries, for cabin motor boats and a manufacturer's class. In addition, there will be a night parade on the evening of Feb. 2, and a floral parade in the afternoon of Feb. 3. Attractive prizes will be given for these events.

Several fast motor boats that made creditable records in local waters last season are being prepared to go to Palm Beach for these Winter contests. Two or three new boats that have lately been completed will be seen, and some fast time is expected. One of the new boats will be built somewhat on the lines of the successful Vingt-et-Un II that now holds the gold challenge cup offered by the American Power Boat Association. This boat will be fitted with similar motors and if she does well there is a possibility that the boat may be entered for the international motor boat race abroad for the Harmsworth Cup to be held in the Bay of Arachon, France, in July.

(Transcribed from the New York Times, Jan. 1, 1905. )

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