1906 Hudson River Water Carnival
Hudson River, New York, September 10-15, 1906

Long-Distance Race To Poughkeepsie And Return

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Long-Distance Race to Poughkeepsie and Return

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Of the nineteen boats entered for the long-distance race of the M.B.C. of A., the second event of the week's racing, only nine started on the long journey. Skedaddle, ex-Onontio, with her new 6-cylinder Craig engine, was picked for the winner of the fast time prize, and Simplex VI was considered by many as the probable winner on handicap time.

The start was scheduled for 8.30 A.M., but owing to the usual delays was postponed, and all the contestants got away in good style at 9.30. As the boats were all sent off together, the allowances were figured at the end of the race, and the actual winner was unknown until the allowances of the low rating boats had expired.

Reports of all kinds came in from points up the river and it was finally learned that Skedaddle had broken a friction clutch shortly after the start and was out of the race, and that Irene was reported out of the race at West Point, having been disabled.

After a wait of about 6 hours, a craft was made out up the river, and, to the surprise of every one, she proved to be the big cabin yacht Artful, owned by Harry Payne Whitney and piloted by Chas. L. Seabury, her designer and builder.

Artful finished at 3.35.33, having taken 6 hrs. 5 min. 33 sec. for the 115 3/8 knots, or at the rate of 21.93 statute miles per our.

At 4.15.55, to the surprise of every one, the little Sparrow dashed across the line, well within her time on Artful, the winner of the race, provided Durno did not finish within 3 min. 18 sec.; and, as Durno was not in sight, Sparrow was undoubtedly the winner, her time being 6 hr. 45 min. 55 sec, or at the rate of 19.74 statute miles over the course. This is a great performance for this little boat and engine; as, after the 6 hour run of the day previous, the boat was laid up to a mooring and the engine not touched until within about 15 minutes of the start of the long-distance. She took on gasolene at the Poughkeepsie mark and lost 20 minutes. Simplex VI finished at 5.13.59, having taken 7 hrs. 43 min. 59 sec. to cover the course, which she did at the rate of 17.2 statute miles per hour.

The other boats arrived too late to be timed, and Sparrow was declared the winner.

(Transcribed from Power Boat News, Sep. 15, 1906, p. 526. )

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