1906 Mile and Kilometer Record

A Cup For Standard

The fine cup which has just been selected by the Motor Boat Club of America for presentation to Price McKinney, of Cleveland, owner of Standard, for the world's record made under admiralty conditions during the recent Motor Boat Carnival, is of silver with decorations of oak leaves and acorns, and has on one side the flag of the Motor Boat Club of America, and under it the inscription:

World's Record
Mile and Kilometer
Motor Boat Club of America
Race Week
September 10-15, 1906
Won By
Mr. Price McKinney

On the other side is a reproduction of Standard at speed, as shown on the cover of THE MOTOR BOAT of September 25, 1906. This cup, together with the others offered at the Carnival, will be presented to the winners at a subscription dinner to be given at the Hotel Astor, New York City, on November 24th. Among the invited guests will be Rear Admiral Coughlan, who will present the cups: Harry St. John Tucker, president of the Jamestown Exposition; T. S. Southgate and R. H. Sexton, of the Jamestown Exposition; Mayor McClellan, and, if possible, Sir Thomas Lipton.

The annual meeting of the club will be held on the evening of November 21. The nominations committee have prepared a ticket with Edward J. Schroeder as the commodore, Jos. H. Hoadley vice-commodore, Seymour Oppenheimer rear commodore, Hugh S. Gambel secretary, Charles Francis treasurer.

(Transcribed from The Motor Boat, Nov. 10, 1906, p. 27. )

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