1906 Seattle Labor Day Regatta
Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington, September 1906

Seattle Motorboat Club

Seattle, Wash.---A regatta was held by the Seattle Motorboat Club on the Lake Washington course, off Leschi park, on the afternoon of Labor Day. Despite many counter attractions there was a large crowd present. The surprise of the day was the defeat of Commodore Vince Faben's Dolphin by Clarence Jones's new boat, the Meteor. The race was around Mercer Island, a distance of something over sixteen miles, and the Meteor led by a good margin at the finish, her time being 1 h. 6 m. 59 s..

The Mercury and the Aries, speed boats owned by the Washington Boat Co., were sent over a four-mile course. Mercury proved herself the faster. She is a Leighton boat and was brought out here by L. Roesch, who is a friend of the famous motor maker. The time was not announced. Summary:

Novelty race: 1/8-mile dash and return from standing start with motor stopped--Class A won by Marguerite, owned by C. L. Palmer. Class B won by Idle Hour, owned by H. A. Chadwick. No time taken.

16-mile race around Mercer Island. Won by Meteor, owned by Clarence Jones; time, 1:6:59. Dolphin, owned by Commodore Faben, second; time, 1:7:12.

Challenge race: one mile and return. Won by Marguerite, owned by C. L. Palmer; time, 19:55. In this race the Ysie, owned by S. F. Woodey, gave the Marguerite and Margery thirty seconds' start. The Marguerite won by several lengths.

Four-mile handicap. Won by Racine, owned by C. W, Chandler; time, 40:12. Nada second; time 40:28.

Speed boats, four miles. Won by Mercury. Aries Time not announced.

(Transcribed from The Motor Boat, Sep. 25, 1906. p. 31. )

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