1907 Cowes Regatta
August 5, 1907

Motor-Boat Racing

British Motor-Boat Club
Motorboat Racing

After three postponements of its Tuesday's programme on account of unsettled weather, the British Motor-Boat Club succeeded in bringing it off on Saturday ...

Meanwhile, an interesting race was started at 11hr. 30min. between Lord Howard de Walden's three racers, Daimler I, II, and III, Daimler II allowing both the others 12min. 36sec. over the 27-mile course; run three times up and down the distance between the committee boat and the No. 7 R. W. Chequers Fairway Buoy off Ryde Pier. The British International Cup Defender, although its motors ran in excellent style, proved unequal to giving away such a handicap; it covered the distance in 1hr. 5min. 0 4-5sec.--or a shade under 25 knots--but Daimler III succeeded in winning with 3min 39sec. of its allowance in hand. Daimler I had also 2min. 53 1-5sec. to spare. The times were:--

Total Elapsed Corrected
  H M S H M S H M S
Daimler I (second) 12 47 47 1-5 1 15 29 1-5 1 2 53 1-5
Daimler II 12 37 11 4-5 1 5 0 4-5 1 5 0 4-5
Daimler III (winner) 12 46   1 13 57 1 1 21

The winner represents a still further refinement of the exquisite model (designed by Mr. S. Saunders) of Daimler II; and not only leaves a scarcely perceptible wash, but is a very dry boat when driven at top speed. At any rate, Mr. Fred May's cup could hardly been bestowed upon a more revolutionary model.

Thus ended a meeting which exceeded all records for entries, except that of the British Motor-Boat Club's opening meeting at Oulton Broad, but which was practically destroyed on the score of racing interest by bad weather. At the time, thanks to the courtesy of the Royal London Yacht Club, which extended its honorary membership to members of the B.M.B.C. during the week, the latter were enabled to enjoy to the full their visit to Cowes.

(Transcribed from the Times of London, Aug. 12, 1907, p. 13.)

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