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Southampton Water, August 3, 1907

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The eliminating race to choose three boats to defend the British International Cup on August 3 was held in Southampton water on Saturday. The boats entered were Lord Howard de Walden's three vessels, Daimler I, Daimler II, and Daimler III, and Mr. Lionel Rothschild's Flying Fish. The course of about six sea miles, beginning and ending at the Enchantress, had to be covered five times, the total distance being 32 sea miles.

Flying Fish, with Mr. Lionel Rothschild at the wheel, was first off, with Daimler II close behind. Daimler I, steered by Lord Howard de Walden, was third to start, and Daimler III was last, having lost about a minutes. At the end of the first round Flying Fish had dropped into second place, Daimler II, with the old racing cyclist, A. G. Fentiman, in charge, having taken the lead. At the end of the second round, Flying Fish had dropped into third place, Lord Howard de Walden, on Daimler I, being second. Daimler II still lead on three rounds, and Daimler III had gone up into third place. Flying Fish retired at the end of the fourth round, and, the positions of the other boats remaining the same, Daimler II finished first in 1hr. 30min. 50 4-5sec. Daimler I was second in 1hr. 34min. 36 2-5sec., and Daimler III third in 1hr. 43min. 16 2-5sec. Those three boats, therefore, form the team to defend the cup next Saturday.

The Motor Yacht Club, under whose auspices the race took place, also held an open handicap for motor-boats, the result being as follows:--Mr. G. Knowles's Iris, 1; Mr. S. F. Edge's Napier IV, 2; Mr. J. E. Hutton's Hutton-Berliet, 3.

(Transcribed from the Times of London, July 29, 1907, p. 13.)

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