1907 Palm Beach Mid-Winter Regatta
Palm Beach, FL, Jan. 29-Feb.2, 1907

Dixie Heads The List In Palm Beach Races
Wins Two More Close Events On Last day
Dewar Trophy In Doubt
Tangle Over Trials For the Shield Will Be Straightened Out To-day---
Gray Wolf's

Fast Motor Boats in Palm Beach Regatta
Three Wins for Dixie in Palm Beach Races
Dixie Again Leads in Palm Beach Races
Dixie Heads the List in Palm Beach Races
Dixie's Alleged Record
The Lake Worth Carnival
The Palm Beach Races
The Lake Worth Carnival (The Rudder)
The Lake Worth Motor Boat Races

PALM BEACH, Fla. Feb. 1 -- The Lake Worth motor-boat carnival came to an end to-day with three races and the trials against time for the Sir Thomas Dewar Shields. The results in the latter contest were not announced, owing to some mix-up over the times, and there are rumors floating around that Dixie has established a new world's record. These, however, are not generally credited, for the unofficial times for the crack champion racer gives her time for the mile against the wind as 2:21 1-5 and for the mile with the wind at 2:20. This is far from record time. The Regatta Committee announced to-night that no decision in the matter would be reached until to-morrow morning and that there was a bare possibility that the trials would be re-run.

The honors of the day were all Dixie's nevertheless. She contested in two races, one an endurance run, and one a special race arranged on account of the dissatisfaction of E. H. Godschalk, the owner of Sparrow, with his disqualification at the close of yesterday's race. he claimed that he did not understand the conditions. E. J. Schroeder, owner of the Dixie, consented to race again, and Katharine and Gray Wolf also entered. Sparrow was rehandicapped on the basis of yesterday's performance, and the four boats were sent away.

The race proved to be the most exciting of the tournament. Dixie, starting from scratch, allowed to Gray Wolf 3 minutes and 41 seconds, and to Swallow and Katharine 3 minutes and 4 seconds. The latter, repaired after her collision with Bruiser on Wednesday, proved to be far below form, and was not a real factor in the race. The other three boats covered the four-and-a-half-mile circuit with the distance between them diminishing slowly but steadily, and as they turned for the final stretch it was anybody's race. Swallow and then Dixie overhauled Gray Wolf about 150 yards from the finish, and Dixie collared Swallow just before the line was reached. The three boats crossed the finish line four seconds apart, with Dixie leading Sparrow by one second, and Gray Wolf three seconds behind Godschalk's boat.

In the endurance run, which was arranged on a handicap basis with the boats to cover and eighteen-mile circuit. Dixie and Gray Wolf again fought it out, after gradually overhauling the other boats in the race that started ahead of them. Dixie finally won the race with 19 seconds to spare, while Gray Wolf beat Blanche II, her nearest competitor, by slightly over two minutes. Swallow was fourth, just 31 seconds behind Blanche, and the others were well behind.

A consolation was arranged for non-winners, but only Gray Wolf and Errand Boy entered, and Gray Wolf left the Andrews boat so far behind that Errand Boy quit, leaving the Willoughby boat a virtual walkover. The time trials for the Dewar Trophy were uninteresting, since the boats started alone, and there was no official means of getting the results, so that no one knew how the boats stood with relation to each other, The summary of the day's events follows:

Consolation Race 4 1/2 nautical miles

Boat and Owner



Gray Wolf, H. L. Willoughby Jr.



Errand Boy, C. E. Andrews


did not finish

Special Race 4 1/2 nautical miles

Dixie, E. J. Schroeder



Swallow, E. H. Godschalk



Gray Wolf



Katharine, T. Middleby Jr.



Endurance Race 18 nautical miles




Gray Wolf



Blanche II, C. G. Coggins






Baby Bullet, G. H. Paddison



Mera, W. L. Stuttler



Planet, C. V. Covar


did not finish

(Transcribed from the New York Times, Feb. 2, 1907, p.10.)

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