1907 Seattle Independence Day Regatta
Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington, July 4, 1907

Comet Wins the Motor Boat Race
Retains Possession of the Jacob Furth Challenge Cup for Another Year

Motor Boats to Speed on Lake
Motor Boats in Speed Contests
Speed Boats Race on Lake
Motor Boat Club of Seattle
Comet Wins the Motor Boat Race

For the second consecutive year the Comet, owned by the Washington Motor Boat Company, has won the Jacob Furth grand challenge cup. She covered the ten miles without a skip in 33 minutes and 43 seconds, although it was her first appearance this year. The race took place on Lake Washington, off Leschi park.

The only other competitor was the Target, owned by Schurtzer Bros., and while she had trouble with two cylinders which knocked her out of all chance to win, it was evident that the Comet is a faster boat. The Comet had finished the second circuit of the course before the Target had finished the first, and to all appearances this was before the Target commenced to have serious trouble.

The time of the Target was not announced, as the trouble with her engine brought her in something like five miles behind.

There was a big crowd out, larger, in fact, than on the day when the annual races were held. No accidents occurred to interfere with the sport.

Transcribed from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 14, 1907, p. 10.


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