1907 Speed Trials for Dixie
Norfolk, VA, September 9, 1907

Dixie's Fast Trial

NORFOLK, VA., Sept. 9.--The Dixie broke her own best previous record here to-day. In a practice run the little flyer got over a nautical mile, as measured by the Government, in 2 minutes 7 4/5 seconds, with tide and wind, and over the same course against tide and wind in 2 minutes 18 seconds, or an average speed of a little better than 31.205 statute miles an hour. Aboard the Dixie when this remarkable time was made were Captain S. Barclay Pierce, Engineer Albert Rappuhn and William J. C. Stockley, secretary of the Hampton Roads Yacht Club.

(Transcribed from The Motor Boat, Sep. 25, 1907, p. 31)

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