1908 Cowes Regatta

Motor-Boat Racing

British Motor Boat Club
Motor-Boat Racing

Two motor-boat races, under the management of the British Motor Boat Club, were held at Cowes yesterday in connexion with the town regatta.

The first, a race for a silver challenge cup for yachts, launches, and boats of ten knots and under, attracted the following entries:--Napier Major, Mr. S. F. Edge, 21h.p.; Davis, Mr. F. R. Davis, 12h.p.; Carissima, Mr. C. Grahame White, 16h.p.; Dorothy, Mr. F. May; Maudslay, Mr. C. C. Maudslay, 30h.p.; Aramis, Mr. E. E. Jessel, 18h.p.

For the second race for the Godfrey Baring cup the entries were:--Takumono, Mr. W. Miall Green, 15.5h.p.; Napier IV, Mr. S. F. Edge, 20h.p.; Fleurette II, Mr. Oswald B. Colls, 35h.p.; Brooke II, Mr. Maudsley Brooke, 90h.p.; Dylan, Lord Howard DeWalden, 80h.p.; Defender, Mr. F. May, 54h.p.; Kelvin II, Mr. R. J. Dobbie, 14h.p.; Squint II, Mr. A. W. Nicholson, 40h.p.; Hole I, Mr. H. A. Hole, 26h.p.; Sea Dog, Mr. Warwick Wright, 40h.p.; Quicksilver, Mr. J. M. Gorham, 40h.p.; Gyrinus, Mr. T. T. Thornycroft, 40h.p.

The finishing times of the first race, which was over a course of 6 3/4 miles, were:--Maudslay, 1hr. 11min. 34sec.; Carissima, 1hr. 20min. 58sec.; Davis, 1hr. 27min. 55sec.; Aramis, 1hr. 31min. 55sec.; Napier Major, 1hr. 33min. 29sec. The finishing times of the second race, which was over a course of 6 1/2 miles, were:--Brooke II, 1hr. 21min. 56sec.; Dylan, 1hr. 22min.; Defender, 1hr. 23min. 25sec.; Fleurette II, 1hr. 23min. 56sec.; Quicksilver, 1hr. 24min, 32sec.; Squint II, 1hr. 24min. 48sec.; Napier IV, 1hr. 34min. 46sec.; Kelvin II, 1hr. 38min. 39 sec. Takumono, Hole I, Sea Dog and Gyrinus did not start. The prizes were withheld pending the production of the rating certificates of some of the boats.

(Transcribed from the Times of London, Aug. 8, 1908, p. 13. )

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