1908 Monaco Regatta
Monte Carlo, Monaco, April 1-13, 1908

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Monte Carlo, April 10

The 50 kilometre handicap for motor-boat cruisers resulted as follows:--1, Lolotte, started 10 16 a.m., finished 11 49 30 a.m.; 2. Pioneir II, started 9 52 a.m., finished 11 54 6 a.m.; 3. Excelsior-Buire, started 8 40 a.m., finished 12 5 26 p.m.

There were ten starters for the 50 kilometre handicap for motor-boat racers, which took place this afternoon. The result was as follows:-- 1. Lorraine (Dietrich), started 2hrs. 15min., arrived 4hrs. 6min. 43 3-5sec.; 2. Mouvette, started 2hrs. 30min., arrived 4hrs. 22min. 24 3-5sec.; 3. Jacqueline IV, started 2hrs. 18min., arrived 4hrs. 24min. 47 2-5sec.; 4. Wolseley-Siddeley, started 3hrs. 36min., arrived 4hrs. 30min. 57 4-5sec.--Reuter

(Transcribed from the Times of London, April 11, 1908, p. 11. )

Motor-Boat Racing

Monte Carlo, April 12.

In the eliminating trials for the standing mile, which were run here to-day, the Wolseley-Siddeley boat beat the Panhard-Levassor by half a length.

The race for the standing mile and the flying kilometre, open to all motor-boats -- racers or cruisers -- that have finished in the 50 kilometre race, was run this afternoon and resulted as follows:--Cruisers (started at 4 o'clock); -- Winner, Delahaye Nautilus VIII, in 4min. 13 2-3sec. Racers (started at 4 15).--Winner, Panhard et Levassor, in 3min. 3sec. Wolseley-Siddeley was second in 3min. 6 2-5sec. Panhard et Levassor thus wins the Prince of Monaco cup.--Reuter

(Transcribed from the Times of London, April 13, 1908, p. 12. )

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