1909 Frontenac Regatta

Onion II Wins Silver Cup
Special to the New York Times

Frontenac, N.Y., Aug 14—In to-day’s finals of the motorboat races, which began under the auspices of the Frontenac Yacht Club yesterday, Onion II, owned by Ira Kip Jr., of Orange, N.J., took the silver loving cup in the event for boats not over 37 feet. The event, which was decided by points, was won yesterday by the Moike, F. G. Bourne, of New York, but to-day the Moike finished second, tying for the cup. Louis Bourne refused to race off the tie, and the race final accordingly went to the Onion.

The Pirate, owned by Roland Peacock, won the free-for-all to-day, defeating the Jam and the M.L.H. The Duquesne, winner of yesterday’s free-for-all, cracked a shaft to-day. Thus the Pirate, which finished second yesterday, won the finals with the Jam, owned by G. S. Hasbrouck, second. Pirate’s time to-day was 45:57 for twenty-one miles.

(Transcribed from the New York Times, Aug. 15, 1909, Sect. IV p.3.)


Frontenac Y.C. Races

Frontenac, N.Y.—Interesting races were helk here on August 13 and 14 under the auspices of the Frontenac Yacht Club. There were two events, one for boats not over 37 feet in length and the other for boats not over 40 feet long. The distance covered was 21 miles in each case. The preliminaries were run on the 13th and the finals on the 14th, the point system of awards being used. The first race for the smaller boats, on August 13th, was won by Moike, owner F. G. Bourne, in 52 minutes 9 seconds, who gained six points; 2. Onion II, owner I. A. Kip, Jr, 52 minutes 31 seconds, 5 points; 3, Guess IV, owner H. N. Denny, 4 points; 4, Damphino Again, owner Grant Peacock, 3 points; 5, Louise, owner W. B. Tousey, 2 points; 6, T.I.B., owner L. Tousey, 1 point. The final of this race, on August 14, resulted as follows: 1, Onoin II, 49 minutes, 58 seconds, 6 points; 2, Moike, 52 minutes 26 seconds, 5 points; 3, Guess IV, 4 points; 4, Louise, 3 points. Onion and Moike, each with 11 points, tied for first place, but as Moike was not prepared to race off the tie, first prize was given to Onion II. The first half of the race for boats not over 40 feet was won by Duquesne, owner R. Peacock, time 45 minutes 57 econds, 4 points; 2, Pirate, owner C. Peacock, 46 minutes 1 second, 3 points; 3, M.L.H., owner W. B. Hayden, 2 points; 4, Jan, owner G. Hasbrouck, 1 point. The winner of the second half was Pirate, time 45 minutes 57 seconds, 4 points; 2, Jan, 3 points; 3, M.L.H., 2 points. Duquesne did not start. Pirate, with 7 points, won the race; Jan, M.L.H. and Duquesne each had 4 points, and as Jan was the only boat readt to race off the tie she was awarded second place.

(Transcribed from MotorBoat, Sep. 10, 1909, p. 47.)

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