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No Race This Year for the British International Trophy
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The Motor Yacht Club of Great Britain has officially withdrawn the challenge, made to the Motor Boat Club of America, in January last, for the British International Trophy, or Harmsworth Cup, as it was originally called. This means, of course, that there will be no International race this year. While details are not obtainable at this writing, it is probable that the British motorboat men found it impossible to get a suitable challenger ready in time. We were not quite prepared ourselves, for that matter, although we could have put some very good ones in commission if the race had taken place.

The new Dixie II is now doing well, as proved by her trials at the Ocean City Yacht Club regatta, on July 17th. She made an average speed of 35.54 miles an hour for six runs over a mile course, three of them with the tide and three against it. The average speed of Dixie II in the International race last year was only about 32 miles an hour. Autowin, which was built for last year’s race, is said to be in excellent condition, and there are several others which would make suitable defenders. A number of very fast boats have been built in the West.

(Transcribed from MotorBoat, July 25, 1909, p. 32.)

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