1910 Motor Yacht Club Regatta



The annual regatta of the Motor Yacht Club was begun yesterday at Southampton in fine weather. The water, however, was rough.

The most important race was that for fast boats over a course of 13.2 nautical miles. This was won by Sir John Thornycroft’s hydroplane Miranda IV, Mrs. Edgar Thornton’s hydroplane Columbine being second; Lord Howard de Walden’s hydroplane Pierrette gave up.

Mr. F. Blake’s Christine won the Sultan of Johore’s challenge cup for auxiliary cruisers. In this race one round of the course was sailed under power, one under canvass, and one under power and canvass. Mr. H. N. Corselli’s Genesta won a match confined to the one-design boats, Mr. Lionel Rothschild’s Lizard fi ishing second. The winners of the first, second and third prizes in a handicap for all comers were Mr. Foster’s Blue Bird, Mr. Hutchinson’s Dranoel, and baron von Buch’s Lady Betty respectively. Lady Betty won a handicap for boats of less than 20 knots, Mr. Blake’s Christine taking second prize and Sir Everard Duncombe’s Juanita third prize.

Racing will be continued at Netley to-day.

(Transcribed from the Times of London, July 30, 1910, p. 18.)

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The Motor Yacht Club brought its annual regatta in Southampton Water to a close on Saturday. The sea was smooth and the weather fine until late in the afternoon. The hydroplanes were again the chief attraction of the meeting.

Sir John Thornycroft’s Miranda IV, racing over courses of 16 sea miles in two rounds, won twice. One match was confined to the International Small Racer Class. In this there was no time allowance, and she beat Mrs. Edgar Thornton’s Columbine by 1min. 37sec. The other contest was a handicap in which Miranda IV had to allow Columbine 1 min. and Lord Howard de Walden’s Pierrette 3min. 10sec. She beat Columbine by 18sec. in addition to allowance and Pierrette by 2min. 23sec. The three also took part in an All-comers Handicap, which was won on time allowance by Mr. Foster’s Blue Bird, Mr. Blake’s Christine taking second prize and Mr. Manville’s and Commander Cumming’s Comely third prize. In this match Miranda IV again gave time to Columbine and Pierrette and beat them.

Mr. Hutchinson’s Dranoel won a handicap for cabin cruisers and the winners in the race for boats under 15 knots were Blue Bird, Christine, and Dranoel in the order named.

(Transcribed from the Times of London, Aug. 1, 1910, p. 15.)

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