1910 MVPBA Regatta
Mississippi River, Peoria, Illinois, July 4-6, 1910

Annual Regatta of the Mississippi Valley Power Boat Association

What they Will Do at Peoria, Ill., This Summer
Great Racing Promised at the 1910 Regatta
Annual Regatta of the MVPBA
Peoria's Big Motor Boat Meet

The annual regatta of the Mississippi Valley Power Boat Association was this year held at Peoria under the auspices of the Illinois Valley Y.C. The regatta covered three days and provided enthusiasm for thousands of people. A feature of the affair being a mighty grand stand erected on the river front, which overflowed with a wildly enthusiastic crowd.

The course was a triangular one in the shape of an isosceles with the long led by the grand stand, at the lower end of which was located the starting and finishing marks. Some real speed craft participated in the tree daysí races, not the least interesting being Cero II, a steam-driven outfit 31 feet 5 inches long, which craft captured the mile speed trials, attaining an average speed of 32.9 statute miles per hour.

The first race of the meet took place on July 4th and was for open boats 30 feet and under. Rana won, with Argo second, and Josevila third. The second race, for 32-footers, brought out an interesting fleet of boats, among them the steamer, Cero II, which was awarded first prize; Beat It, the first boat in, being disqualified for failure to promptly complete the course. In the afternoon the cabin cruisers were sent off on a 20-mile race, and but three of the five boats that started covered the course. Spark II proved to be the winner, with Allamakee II second. The last race of the day, for 20-footers, proved to be by far the most interesting of the lot. Eight of these little flyers came to the line and all but two finished. Comet proved to be the winner, with Scamp III second and Joker third.

A feature of the second dayís racing was the win of Red Top II in the championship, free-for-all race at 20 miles. The New Hoosier Boy, second to finish, of which so much was expected, was not properly tuned up and Red Top walked off with the championship of the Mississippi Valley, and incidentally, a prize of $1,000 and a $1,000 cup, and another cup and another cup, all provided by local interests. Comet, a wonderful 20-footer, was the third boat to cover the course. Before the free-for-all the 26-footers had an inning at 10 miles, and Scamp III proved to be the winner, with Elbridge V second. The only other race of the day was a handicap race at 15 miles, which was won by Wux II, with Pronto II second and Pirate II third.

The first race on the last day of the meet was for half cabin cruisers, the course being 20 miles, and the race was easily won by Meteor, with La Tosca second. The second race was a 30-mile handicap affair for Classes C, D, E and F, with the boats handicapped on the times made in the previous daysí races. Pippin won, the places being captured by Pirate II, and Wux II. The mile trials, of which much was expected in the way of speed, was won by the steamer, as stated above, with a speed of 32.9 statute miles per hour. Red Top averaging 28.52 statute miles per hour, won second prize.

(Excerpts transcribed from The Rudder, August 1910, pp. 96, 97.)

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