1947 Detroit (Ford) Memorial
Detroit River, Detroit MI, July 12, 1947

By Fred Farley - APBA Unlimited Historian

The Ford Memorial Regatta at Detroit almost went to Dukie, a step hydroplane and a former 725 Class campaigner, powered by an 8-cylinder Hispano-Suiza. Driven by Whitey Hughes, Dukie won the first two heats but couldn't start in Heat Three. Miss Peps V was the only boat to finish the 45-mile race. Her fastest heat was 53.928 miles per hour, compared to Dukie's 57.783.

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Final Standings
1 G-99 Miss Peps V
2 G-9 Dukie
3   Ariel II
4   Blitz II
5 G-23 Nut & Bolts
DNF G-4 Miss Great Lakes
DNC G-8 Miss Canada III
DNC G-2 Miss Windsor
DNC S-1 Lion Bar Special
DNC G-12 Let 'er Go Gallagher
DNF G-1 So Long Jr.
DNF   Miss Aquarama

[Race average for the winner was just 47.480 mph --LF]

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