1948 National Sweepstakes
Navesink River, Red Bank, NJ, August 21-22, 1948

National Sweepstakes at Red Bank
Ideal Race Conditions, Many Boats But Lots Of Casualties

Red Bank Regatta Set for Aug. 21-22
Van Blerck’s Speed Boat Triumphs in Opening Heat of National Sweepstakes
Aljo V Takes National Sweepstakes Speed-Boat Honors on North Shrewsbury
National Sweepstakes at Red Bank
Aljo V (1946 Gold Cup)
Aljo V
LaHaLa, 1948
Miss Frsotie, 1948
Miss Frostie
Tempo VI
Tempo VI
Stubby VI
Stubby VI
Blitz II
Blitz II

Two hundred fifty nine boats started in the annual National Sweepstakes Regatta held at Red Bank, N. J., August 21 and 22. Of these, 127 were inboards and 132 outboards. It was reported that over 500 written entries were received so at least 50 per cent of the boats entered either did not show up, elected to stay on the beach or could not get started.

The number of starters should have been at least double what it was. Racing conditions were perfect. Arrangements and facilities for the drivers could not have been better. This time it was the boats that fell down. From the standpoint of the larger boats, the regatta was a decided flop. Of the expected 10 unlimited craft to race for the Sweepstakes and Auerbach Trophies, there was a maximum of only 3 in the first of the 3 heats and fewer in the later events-Tempo VI, generally reliable but not so this time; LaHaLa, a new Apel Allison powered Gold Cup boat owned by Harry Lynn of Lake Hopatcong, N.J. was untried. Like all untried craft, she made a good showing at times but far from good most of the time. Miss Frostie, the former Gold Cup winner when racing under the name of Notre Dame, ran for only a few minutes and Stubby VI entered by Ed Davis never did get started.

There was a good entry list in the smaller classes, the 225, 135 and 91 cubic inch hydroplanes and the inboard runabouts, 21 different starters in the former classes and 25 inboard runabouts, grouped A, B, C and D. E, F. Many of the smaller boats stepped up into the larger classes and had fairly good luck in beating the larger craft to the finish line.

As mentioned above, the number of outboards starting outnumbered the inboards. The amateurs and professionals raced together for separate prizes, with a good field of starters in every event, making the activity on the race course appear like old times.

Class A provided 18 starters in both the first and second heats, seventeen Class B outboard hydroplanes crossed the starting line in the first heat, 10 Class C's, 11 Class F and 10 Midgets. with almost the same number starting in the second of the two heats.

The start of the race for the Judge Emil Auerbach Memorial Trophy indicated at the start that it was going to be the best race ever held for this important trophy. Ten fast boats went across the starting line in the first of the three 10 mile heats. Tempo VI, the reliable Gold Cup speedster owned by Guy Lombardo took the :first beat closely followed by LaHaLa, with Miss Frostie in third position. The three Gold Cup boats gave a good exhibition and showed what might be expected of them later in the regatta but unfortunately this heat for the Auerbach Trophy was the last time the three boats really got started together.

Following the Gold Cup boats, the 225's came along with Aljo V owned by Jos. Van Blerck, Jr., in fourth position, Blitz, driven by John Bogie, in fifth, and Pearl IV, owned by Henry Sieck, finishing sixth. Tempo's speed was 73.198 mph, which is better than any of the boats did in the Gold Cup race at Detroit a week later. Blitz II took the second heat, with LaHaLa in second place and Aljo in third. None of the other Gold Cup boats were able to finish.

Tempo VI won the third -heat, with LaHaLa second, Blitz, third, and Pearl IV, fourth. However, Tempo's failure to win a place on the second heat, gave LaHaLa a total of 900 points, enough to give her possession of the Auerbach Trophy.

Two heats of 15 miles each were scheduled for the National Sweepstakes Trophy but the fatalities in other events greatly cut down the number of starters. Aljo by winning the first heat and taking second place in the second heat, became the holder of the National Sweepstakes Trophy for another year. In the final standing for this trophy, LaHaLa was second and Tempo VI, third.

Red Bank Gold Cup (10 Miles) Inboards

1, Z-Z-Zip; 2, Blitz II; 3, Aljo V; 4, Chaz II, Charles Klein, Long Beach, N. Y. Speed: 65.124 mph.

Auerbach Cup (10 Miles)

First Heat-1, Tempo VI, Guy Lombardo, Freeport, L. I.; 2. Lahala, Harry Lynn, Lake Hopatcong; 3. Miss Frostie, Warren E. Avis, Detroit, Mich.; 4, Aljo V., Joe Van Blerck, Jr.. Freeport, L.I.; 5, Blitz II, John Bogie, Saranac Lake, N. Y.; 6, Pearl IV, Henry Sieck, Long Island City, N. Y, Speed: Tempo VI, 73.198 mph. Lahala. 70.755; Miss Frostie, 63.694.

Second Heat-1, Blitz II, John M. Bogie. Saranac Lake, N. Y.; 2. Lahala, Harry Lynn, Lake Hopatcong; 3, Aljo V, Joe Van Blerck, Jr., Freeport. L. I.; Miss Frostie, Warren E. Avis, Detroit, Mich. (DNF). Speed: Blitz II, 58.785 mph.; Lahala. 56711 mph.; Aljo V, 54,315 mph.

Third Heat-1, Tempo VI, Guy Lombardo. Freeport, N. Y.; 2. Lahala, Harry Lynn, Lake Hopatcong; 3, Blitz II, John M. Bogie, Saranac Lake, N. Y,; 4, Pearl IV, Henry Sieck. Long Island. N. Y. Speed: Tempo VI, 76.044 mph.; Lahala, 75.282: Blitz II, 55.532; Pearl IV, 55.044.

Point Standing-Lahala, 900; Tempo VI. 200; Blitz II, 752; Aljo V, Joe Van Blerck, Jr.. Freeport, N. Y., 394; Pearl IV, 264; Miss Frostie, Warren Avis, Detroit, 225.

National Sweepstakes (15 Miles)

First Heat -1, Aljo V, Joe Van Blerck, Jr., Freeport, N. Y.; 2, Tempo VI, Guy Lombardo, Freeport, N. Y. Speed: Aljo V, 57.142; Tempo VI, 38.876. (Lombardo started late).

Second Heat -1, Lahala, Harry Lynn; 2, Aljo V, Joe Van Blerck, Jr. Speed: Lahala, 66.91 mph; Aljo V, 53.892.

Point Standing - Aljo V, 700; Lahala, 400; Tempo VI, Guy Lombardo, 300.

(Reprinted from Motor Boating, October 1948, pp.36-7, 79)

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