1948 President's Cup
Potomac River, Washington D.C., September 25-26, 1948

1948 President's Cup Regatta

bullet Fast Fleet Ready for Potomac Race
bullet Arenas With Such Crust Capture President's Cup in Record Speed
bullet The President's Cup Regatta
bullet Such Crust wins President's Cup
bullet Summaries

The Gold Cup boat Such Crust, owned by Jack Schaefer of Detroit, Mich., was driven to victory by Dan and Gene Arena, with Dan at the wheel. In the final heat Such Crust was clocked for a speed of 77.556 miles an hour, wiping out the previous record of 71.181 miles an hour. In second place was LaHaLa, driven by Harry Lynn of Lake Hopatcong, N.J.


Class E Racing Runabouts

First Heat (five miles)—1, Dragon, Sammy Crooks, St. Petersburg, Fla.; 2, Linky, Barry O. Link, Baltimore; 3. Hells Angels, Sherman Critchfield, St. Petersburg, Fla.; 4, Monk, George Brinckerhoff, Washington. Time-5:44. Speed—52.325 m.p.h.

Second Heat (five miles)-1, Link; 2, Crook; 3, Critchfield. Time—5:32 3-5. Speed—54.119 mph. Point scores--Link, 700 (wins event on faster time); Crook, 700; Critchfield, 450.

225 Cubic Inch Class
John Charles Thomas Trophy

First Heat (ten miles)—1. Bee Jay, Danny Foster, Detroit: 2. Pearl IV, Henry Sieck, Hempstead, L. I.; 3. Whirlaway, John Francis, Hickory, N. C.; 4, Goo Goo II, L. J. Henn, Murphy, N. C. Time—l0:1t 1-5. Speed -55.598 m.p.h. Final point scores for three heats—Francis, 925; Foster, .895; Sieck, 825; Heim, 563.

President's Cup

Second Heat (fifteen miles)—1. LaHaLa, Harry Lynn, Lake Hopatcong. N. J.: 2. Such Crust, Dan Arena, Detroit; 3. Miss Canada III, Harold A. Wilson, Ingersoll, Ont.; 4, Betty V., W. Melvin Crook, Montclair, N. J.; 5, Tomadge IV, Tom Keane, Washington. Fleur Du Lac, Max Collins, and Sister Syn, Jack O'Meara, did not finish: Skipalong, R. Stanley Dollar, Jr. was on the course but did not start. Time—12:10. Speed—73.971 (new President's Cup heat record).

Final Heat (fifteen miles)—1. Such Crust; 2, LaHaLa; 3, Miss Canada III; 4, Betty V; 5, Tomadge IV. Time—11:33 3-5. Speed 77.856 m.p.h. (new heat record). Point scores—Such Crust, 1,900; LaHaLa, 1,000; Miss Canada III, 619.

135 Cubic Inch Class

Final Heat (five miles)—1, Yankee Doodle, Bill Luby, Troy, N. Y.; 2. Hot Stuff, Gayle Winter, Detroit; 3. Nautical, Gerry Powell, Richmond, Va.; 4, My Nellie, Charles M. Hennen, Fairmont, W. V a.; 5, Little Audrey, Harry Vogel, Dearborn, Mich.

91 Cubic Inch Class

Final Heat (five miles)—1. Flying Turtle, Wallace M. Rowland, Havre de Grace, Md.; 2, Thumper, Sarkis Kavookjian, Rumson, N. J.

(Reprinted from The Rudder, ? 1948, p.70)

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