1949 Orange Cup Regatta
Lakeland, Florida, March 5-6, 1949

Florida Racing Season Ends [1949]

Lakeland's Orange Cup Regatta, March 5 and 6, wrote in four new records for inboarders and outboarders. Eleanor Shakeshaft made a new high for Division 1 of the Midget Hydroplanes, Jimmy Whitt broke the ever-changing Florida Family Runabout record, Lorin Pennington established a new high for the 225 cubic inch hydroplanes, and Charlie Pierce took Copperhead 1st, of Al Lodwick, around for the second successive year to a higher record. Last year it was Pennington who broke the record on Lake Hollingsworth for the E Racing Runabouts with the Copperhead 1st, this year he had his 225 named Copperhead 2nd, and it was Copperhead day. Pennington dived into the lake, clothes and all, on learning of the new mark.

The weather was perfect for the trials, and the circular, sheltered course showed only the slight ripple necessary to straighten out a craft and lift it on its stern for maximum speed. 8,000 spectators thrilled to

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Top: Moving at close to 75 miles, Pennington drove Copperhead II past all competition to win the 225 class at a record-breaking 74.75 m.p.h.

Above: Charles Pierce steps ashore after completing his record five-mile run in the Class E runabout Copperhead.

Left: When he learned of his new record, Pennington dove overboard in elation, climbed out to drink to his victory with a pitcher of orange juice

[Note: photographs not available at this time --LF]

(Reprinted from Motor Boating, May 1949)

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