1949 Star Spangled Banner Regatta and Maryland Sweepstakes
Baltimore, MD, August, 28, 1949

Lombardo Scores With Tempo VI in Two Maryland Regatta Races

By Clarence E. Lovejoy

Baltimore, August 28 [1949] -- Guy Lombardo got back into the winning ranks in speed boating this afternoon after a summer of discouraging setbacks, scoring in the feature 20-mile event of the Maryland Yacht Club's annual Star Spangled Banner Regatta. His famous red-hulled Tempo VI completely blanketed a field of four Gold Cuppers and seven-litre craft, including Harry Lynn in Lahala.

In two ten-mile heats these unlimited craft and the others tore around a one-and-two-thirds mile lap, a shortened course generally used for outboards and almost unknown for the big speed boats which are intended for long straghtaways.

There were other handicaps. The course meant negotiating the dangerously narrow arches of the Hanover Street bridge at mile-a-minute speeds. Moreover, an ominous pair of red flags on the yacht club pole signified southeast storm warning and the Patapsco course had rough water especially on the southern turn.

Slow Second Heat

In the second heat Lombardo had the river pretty much to himself, winning with the slow speed of 59.09 mph, because Lynn had trouble with Lahala's starter and came out from the pits a whole lap behind.

In the first heat Lynn's Lahala drew out to nearly one hundred yards of open water in the first two laps. But on the third circuit Lombardo, steering through the inside land, was able to hug the turn buoys and with this strategy was able to overhaul Lynn who was skidding far too wide and sawing back and forth on his steering wheel as if he had a loose cable.

For a nightcap and just before taking off in a seaplane for Freeport, Lombardo demonstrated his earlier victory over his rival, Lynn, was no fluke by defeating him and others in the ten-mile Maryland Sweepstakes. His time was 10:03 4/5 for a speed of 59.62. Joe Van Blerck was runner-up. Lahala, beset with more steering troubles finally pulled off the course on the third lap.

(reprinted from the New York Times August 29, 1949)

* * *

Official Results

Gold Cup and 7-Litre Race - First Heat, Ten Miles

1 G-13 Tempo VI Guy Lombardo Freeport, L.I.
2 G-60 Lahala [7-liter] Harry Lynn Lake Hopatcong, N.J.
3 U-45 Aljo Joe Van Blerck Jr. Freeport, L.I.
Time: 9:33, Speed: 62.826 mph
Dan Murphy, Philadelphia in Dee Jay IV did not finish
Second Heat
1 G-13 Tempo VI Guy Lombardo Freeport, L.I.
2 G-60 Lahala [7-liter] Harry Lynn Lake Hopatcong, N.J.
3 G-66 Dee Jay IV George Miller Philadelphia
4 U-45 Aljo Joe Van Blerck Jr. Freeport, L.I.
Time: 10:09 1/5, Speed 59.09 mph


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