1950 Buffalo Launch Club Regatta Old Timers
Niagara River, Buffalo NY, August 20, 1950

Old Timers Race

bullet Old Timers Race
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As a novelty late in the afternoon a race was held for old-timer's speed boats, including those outmoded displacement creations built twenty or thirty years ago in the earlier days of the sport. Drivers and their "gentlemen mechanics" wore silk hats, cut-a-ways or tails and white gloves.

[Bob] Petz, in Sister Syn, won the special trophy. Runner-up was Jack Frauenheim of Buffalo in the Rainbow, a boat three decades old which sank at the finish. Wah-Wah-Taysee driven by Ray Brayer of Buffalo was third.

Final Results - Buffalo Launch Club Old Timers
1. G-30 Sister Syn Bob Petz Grosse Pointe, MI
2.   Rainbow Jack Frauenheim Buffalo, NY
3.   Wah-Wah-Taysee Ray Brayer Buffalo, NY

(Reprinted from the New York Times August 21, 1950)

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