1950 Harmsworth Trophy
Detroit River, Detroit MI, September 1-2, 1950

The Harmsworth in 1950

bullet Seattle Bids for Harmsworth Race
bullet U.S. Yachtsmen's Group Accepts Wilson's Harmsworth Challenge
bullet Slo-mo-shun IV Captures First 40-Mile Heat in Harmsworth Trophy Series
bullet Slo-mo-shun Takes Harmsworth Race
bullet Slo-mo-shun IV Wins Harmsworth Race
bullet The Harmsworth in 1950
bullet Statistics

We thought it ever so typical of 1950 . . . that the daughter of the motor boat enthusiast . . . should have watched this year's Harmsworth over television . . . But we must agree with her . . . it was the comfortable way . . . and never did an "in the flesh" Harmsworth thrill us as much as the second day when Slo-Mo-Shun flew before television screens . . .

[Reprinted from the Grosse Pointe News, September 7, 1950]

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