1950 Imperial Gold Cup
Ohio River, New Martinsville, West Virginia, September 24, 1950

More Power To You
By W. Melvin Crook

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One week after she had drubbed all the unlimiteds in the President's Cup Race, the Dossin's eye-filling new U-99 came a cropper at the New Martinsville regatta. Chuck Thompson, with a 200-yard lead but hoping to break a record or two, bailed the big Hacker job into a turn considerably above the speed limit for this maneuver. To indicate her disapproval of such goings-on, U-99 executed a neat wing-ding, dumping Thompson and mechanic Harold Beardslee into the Ohio River. Damage not serious.

The event in which the Dossin boat flipped was won by Danny Foster driving Horace Dodge's Delphine X. Dan Murphy's Dee Jay took second honors, followed by J. Lee Schoenith's Gale.

Also at New Martinsville, Sid Street celebrated his return to Eastern competition by outrunning a field of 135ers that included Joe Wolf and Thom Cooper. Street's speed of 76.922 was substantially above the 5-mile record for 135s. Al Brinkman cleaned up the 225 events, beating out Bob Bogie and C. H. Smith.

[Reprinted from Yachting, November, 1950, p.76]

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