1950 Lake Tahoe Lake Championship
Lake Tahoe, California, August 13, 1950

Tahoe Yacht Club

Henry Kaiser's 1,700-hp Allison engined Hornet [II] captured the second annual Lake Tahoe championship free-for-all race last month at Chamber's Lodge, under the sponsorship of the Tahoe Yacht Club.

At a luncheon held before the race, Rudolph Zimmerman, San Francisco, was elected commodore of the Tahoe Yacht Club for 1951, succeeding R. Stanley Dollar, Jr. George Lewis, Los Angeles, was elected vice-commodore; Randolph Walker, Reno, rear commodore; Brad Baruh, San Francisco, port captain; Ollie Meek, San Francisco, chairman of the regatta committee; E. L. Oliver, San Francisco, secretary-treasurer; and John Dicks, assistant secretary-treasurer.

Other results of the races were 115 hp, two laps over a mile and three eights, Misguided Missile, Eric Dohrman, Reno, first, 5:37; 145 hp, two laps, Ranjac VI, Randy Walker, Reno, first, 4:22; 165 hp, two laps, Gloria M., Charles W. Mapes, Jr., Reno, 4:13; 325 hp, three laps, Lemme Go First, Max Collins, 6:05; Lake Tahoe Championships, four laps, Hornet, Henry Kaiser, 6:10; handicap race, Miss Pam, Richard Scott, Piedmont; novelty bang and go back race, Gloria M., Charles W. Mapes, Jr., Reno.

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, October 1950)

Chambers' Lodge (Tahoe Yacht Club) 8/13/50
Boat Owner Driver Time
Hornet II Henry J. Kaiser, Sr.

[driver unknown]

E-1 Richard Scott [of Piedmont]   6:13
Gloria M. Charles W. Mapes, Jr.    
Shooting Star Brad Baruh    
Hey There IV Edwin Letts Oliver    

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